XXVII and XXXIX International FIFe Exhibition National...


16 – 17 november 2013 Red Boy became inter-champion during an international exhibition at the Earth and Man Museum in Sofia. IC BG * Red Boy Rozmar has made great successes in Sofia and Bucharest. He has already won a championship title and with the next three international diplomas he became an Inter-Champion. This title […]

National Carnival Review, Cats Beauty Contest, 2013


National Carnival Review, Cats Beauty Contest and Awards for the best-cared cat and Best Carnival Costume or Accessory were held on 18.05.2013 at the “Orlovets” Sports Hall Gabrovo.

International FIFe Cat Exhibition, Bucharest, Romania,...


At this exhibition the cats presented by BG * Rozmar and BG * Chickonetti Kennels from the Felinology Club “Bastet” Gabrovo (a member of NFFe Sofia and FIFe) made an excellent performance and deservingly received high evaluation from the international judges. CH BG * Red Boy Rozmar (Manx breed – cat without a tail) received […]

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