How To Find A Healthy And Beautiful Kitty

Hello, all lovers of cats in Bulgaria!

Here we will list the steps that will help you buy a healthy and beautiful kitty from NFSE’s breeders who work under certain rules and follow these rules in the name of the Cat!


according to the current Breeding Regulations of the NFFe


Find the right kitten for you – be interested in the breeds: appearance and peculiarities, maintenance, temperament and specificity of the breed in the breeding. Check out our kennel list and talk, get as much information as possible about the breed BEFORE buying the kitten.
Consider whether you want a pet kitten or you will participate in exhibitions and / or breeding. In accordance with the NFFE / FIFe Regulations, your kitten can participate in exhibitions and as a castration. If you do not want to breed, but want your kitten to be beautiful and to get closer to the standard of breed, this is an option.
If you want to have a lovely pet – then you have to specify this in a conversation with the breeder.
If you want to breed your kitten and participate in exhibitions, you need to specify this in a conversation with your breeder.


Chairman of the NFFe

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