BG*Rozmar Breeder

“Rozmar” Breeder Gabrovo owned by Rosemary Kazasova is a member of CFe “Bastet” Gabrovo and NFFe Sofia, and is also registered in FIFe. Cats of the Manx breed (Cats without Tails), Persian, Exotic, and Occic are bred. Cats in the breed have a FIFe pedigree. Cats live freely in excellent home environment. Different breeds live in separate rooms, each room has a yard. All animals receive a lot of attention, caress, high quality food and are under constant veterinary supervision. The veterinarian Dr. Rossen Dimitrov takes care of selection, prophylaxis, treatment and proper care of the cats . Little kittens leave the breeder when they are at least 3 months old. They have passports, microchips, vaccines, internal and external deworming, FIFe pedigree, socialized and with hygienic habits, according to the European and World Standards.

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