Another recognition of the bulgarian manx breed

On 10 December 2011, cats from the rare breeds MANKS and KIMRIC were exchanged. Mrs. Ina Koli arrived from Finland  and brought FI * D’manns 2 Blaa – a lovely young black and white girl, from the Kimrik breed and carried to Finland CH BG * North Prince Rozmar – a white man with a different eyes from the Manx breed. The friendly meeting was attended by Mr. Hristo Simeonov – representative of the management of NFFe and Svetoslav Slavchev from Gabrovo. I, Rosemary Kazasova, as a Chairman of the Felinology club “Bastet” – Gabrovo, express my immense gratitude to Finnish Kennels: Tuya Aaltonen (Kennel TA) and Anna Aalto (Caaleigh Kennel) who sponsored this event and help the development of the MANKS and KIMRIK breeds in my kennel BG * Rozmar, in the town of Gabrovo and in Bulgaria. This is the first great international recognition for the tremendous work on the selection, conservation and recovery of these breeds from Dr. Rossen Dimitrov, zoo engineer Mario Dimitrov, zoo engineer Dora Getova and me. SPECIAL GRATITUDE TO MR. HRISTO SIMEONOV!

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