Cat Shows

International FIFe Cat Show - Bucharest Romania
03 - 04 October 2009

International FIFe Cat Show - Bucharest RomaniaOn 3 and 4.10.2009 in Bucharest - Romania was held International FIFe Cat Show. International judges praised the present about 40 animals from Bulgaria. Felinology Club "Bastet" was presented by BG* NORTH PRINCE ROZMAR white Manx with different eye color, who went through 2 International FIFe Cat Shows in Sofia. Another recognition of the long-standing work of Rozmar Breeder and veterinarian Dr. Rosen Dimitrov was the excellent evaluations () recieved in both days of the Show, which allowed our Manx to defend his Champion title.


International Cat Show - Sofia, Bulgaria
29 30.03.2008

International Cat Show - Sofia, Bulgaria, 2008Our breeders BG*Rozmar - Gabrovo and BG*Chickonetti - Sofia participated at the international exhibition in the "Earth and Man" National Museum - Sofia, organized by NFFe on 29 and 30 March 2008. All presented cats were praised, but our biggest joy came from the recognition of the two Manx cats presented by BG*Rozmar breeder. Not only they were accepted as a breed but they recieved the right for breeding and FIFe pedigrees for their offspring. This is a big success for their owner Rozmari Kazasova as well as to veterinarian Dr. Rosen Dimitrov, without whose invaluable assistance, the long-term selection of the Manx breed in Gabrovo, would be impossible.